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Dental Fillings
Dental Fillings

Tooth Coloured Fillings

A dental filling is a way of restoring a tooth to a healthy form, function and appearance. At Choimes Dental we will remove the decay, old or broken filling and clean the tooth thoroughly before rebuilding the tooth with new filling material.

It is one of the fastest procedures performed by our dentists. Generally, a normal filling will be completed in a single visit. 

A dental filling involves four steps. Your dentist will begin by applying a local anaesthetic to the area to minimise any discomfort. Before beginning any dental treatment, your dentist will isolate the tooth to prevent the filling from coming into contact with moisture.

The next step is to carefully remove any decay or worn amalgam, before shaping the cavity and cleaning it. The objective is to leave as much sound, natural tooth structure as possible. The tooth is then cleaned and dried, ready for the placement of the dental filling.

Layers of composite material will be precisely placed into the cavity and a special blue light is used to harden it. Finally, the material is trimmed, polished and shaped to replicate a natural-looking tooth ensuring there are no problems with the bite.

When a filling has just been placed, it’s advisable not to eat or drink until the anaesthesia has worn off. This can take from one to three hours. As soon as the anaesthetic has worn, you are able to eat, chew and drink as normal.

If you experience any pain or it just simply doesn’t feel right, call Choimes Dental to book an appointment.