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Restoration of Worn Teeth
Teeth Restoration

Tooth Wear and Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Severe natural tooth wear, broken and lost teeth can impact heavily on our smile and often have an unnoticed effect on your appearance. Tooth wear and loss can lead to movement of remaining natural teeth, change your bite and jaw, sometime leading to muscle and joint problems. In combination, facial collapse may eventuate impacting the proportions of your face and smile.

When teeth are naturally worn and heavily restored they become weaker and more prone to loss. The teeth no longer function ideally and can greatly impact your appearance. It would be beneficial to consider a full mouth rehabilitation to ensure your mouth’s health.

Full mouth rehabilitation, while having the same end goal of a fully functioning and healthy mouth, is always unique to the individual. To achieve this goal, your dentist will thoroughly assess your individual needs, requirements and facial contours to ensure an accurate and effective treatment plan is discussed. The process of full mouth rehabilitation may require multiple appointments to achieve the highest possible results. Full mouth rehabilitation is performed using a combination of dental services and dental materials involving the application of direct composite resins.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your worn teeth, have lost several teeth or just generally think something needs to be done, a full mouth rehabilitation appointment is the treatment of choice to increase natural teeth longevity and restore appearance. Contact Choimes Dental to book your appointment.