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Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

At Choimes Dental we will always do what we can to save your natural tooth and preserve its normal function. However, there are times when a tooth cannot be saved and extraction is recommended to prevent further infection, bone loss and pain.

To get you back to a healthy smile, a tooth extraction may be recommended for reasons as extensive tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, impacted wisdom teeth as well as tooth crowding and preparation for braces.

Your dentist will explain if the extraction is simple to remove, or if further work is required and you need a surgical extraction.

Before tooth has been removed, your dentist can provide you with the treatment options available for replacing the lost tooth. This may include options such as implants, fixed bridges or dentures which can all help to restore function, appearance and improve oral health.

The cost of having a tooth extracted or removed varies depending on the tooth and the complexity of the extraction procedure. At Choimes Dental your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan outlining the cost prior to treatment.

Call Choimes Dental to book your appointment and we will do our utmost to make it a safe and pain free experience.