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Making the decision to transform your smile is a big step to take. And it’s not something you decide lightly. So, it makes sense if you’re looking for more guidance.

Choimes Dental specialises in Composite Veneers, also known as Composite Bonding. The procedure involves bonding a thin, tooth-coloured resin to the outer surface of your teeth. They are then adjusted and polished to size and shape to enhance their appearance and create a beautiful smile.

Composite veneers are an ideal solution for a range of cosmetic dental issues.

    • Discoloured teeth – composite resin veneers are an effective, immediate, and lasting solution.
    • Chipped teeth – composite resin veneers can correct minor aesthetic issues.
    • Misaligned teeth – depending on the case, composite resin veneers can act as an alternative to orthodontics for crooked or gapped teeth. They can correct the alignment or close gaps between your teeth as an alternative to traditional braces.
    • Uneven teeth – composite veneers can achieve a better-looking smile by lengthening uneven teeth.

Book a consultation appointment to discuss your wants and specific requirements with one of our experienced dentists and they will provide you with personalised recommendations.